BeefLuing cattle tend to be finished on grass-based systems due to their ability to convert forage into meat in a very efficient manner. At our annual open day last year, we released statistics from MacIntosh Donald (Scotland's largest abattoir) that compared Luing steers processed in their plant in 2007 against their annual kill of c40,000 beef animals:

  • all the Luings graded R or better (against 75% of the average kill)
  • Luings deadweight was 32kg lighter at 327kg than the average at 359kg
  • Luings finished 151 days quicker than the average animal
  • higher daily liveweight gain from birth at 1.0kg/day (against 0.8kg/day average animal)

Our intentions are to work with the meat promotion bodies to ascertain the eating qualities of Luing beef with a move to working with a retailer to stock branded Luing beef

If you are interested in obtaining some genuine Luing beef then please contact the Society.