Breed Guidelines at a Glance

“Sound, practical reproductively efficient cattle with good temperaments and longevity will never go out of style”.....Duello 1955


Luing BullBull Selection

One bull can break your herd. Take great care when selecting him. Check out his dam too if you can.

Bulls offered at annual February sale to be at least 18months old on day of sale and not less than 52” high at shoulder and min 38cms scrotal circumference.


  • Bull producers should be totally confident in their bulls' ability to produce sound, reproductive cattle
  • Use the best sire possible
  • Check out his dam for feet, locomotion, udder, milkiness and Luing characteristics
  • Aim for the right balance between conformation and milkiness - 'bullish' looking with heaps of character through his bold head
  • Good muzzle and side jaw
  • Good disposition, placid eye but with enough sparkle and presence
  • Strong back with plenty of muscle on top
  • Good crest on neck
  • Strong tail with decent switch
  • Hind legs really good with clean hock
  • Enough crank to give flexible action
  • Big, good sound feet absolutely essential

Bull Inspection Form - Click here now to download


Luing CowCows


  • Keep her ladylike!
  • Kind, sweet well proportioned head
  • Fairly broad muzzle
  • Not too short between nose and eyes
  • Large ears
  • Quiet, gentle eyes
  • Clean, pink nose now essential
  • Black noses – now unacceptable at the premier sale
  • Polled cattle now becoming increasingly sought after
  • Medium length coat with mossy underlay - correct for outwintering
  • Thickness of skin under the hair that helps animal withstand the cold
  • Fine, graceful neck
  • Clean brisket
  • Fine shoulders leading to fairly lengthy top
  • Good width over the hooks
  • Plenty of length between the hooks and pins - aids easy calving
  • Heart girth - both depth and spring of rib
  • Bit of middle or tummy acceptable
  • Select characteristics associated with ease of calving
  • Udder - good, set fairly high, medium sized teats
  • Pendulous udders and big teats - HIGHLY undesirable
  • Point of tail should reach point of hock
  • Short tails highly undesirable


  • Reds, roans and yellows most popular
  • Broken colours and pure white less desirable

Legs and Feet

  • Breed generally renowned for good feet and legs
  • Sound feet crucial
  • Foot should have a broad hoof
  • Straight toes
  • Good depth of heel
  • Undesirable – straight hind legs


  • Generally good
  • Make allowances at calving time......
  • As good mothers – can be very possessive during first few weeks
  • Avoid stary, goggle eyed cattle