Luing CattleHow do you pronounce 'Luing?'
The U is silent... 'LING' is the right answer!

Where can I see some Luings?
For a list of Members click here - many of our members will be happy to show you their stock if you contact them. Otherwise contact the secretary who will also be happy to help you out.

Luings are a cross-breed aren't they?
No – the pure Luing evolved in the 1940s when the Cadzow brothers crossed the Beef Shorthorn and the Highlander. This line-breeding programme firmly established the Luing Breed which has been bred pure since the early 1950s.  See 'The Luing - History' for full details.

How often are sales held for Luing Cattle?
There are three official sales for Luing Cattle. The Premier Sale kicks off the season in early February (usually the first Friday of the month). This sale features a good entry of bulling heifers (often over 150 head) as well as good consignments of in-calf heifers and around 20 two year old bulls.

This is followed by the most recent addition of a spring breeding sale held in the third week of May at Dingwall Auction Mart in northern Scotland.

Finally comes the autumn breeding sale, now in its 36th year, which is held in the new Stirling Agricultural Centre towards the end of October. Members have the benefit of being able to enter Luing, Sim-Luing or Luing cross cattle at any of these sales (with the exception of the Premier Sale which is only for pedigree Luing cattle).

Other sales such as the well established May breeding sale run by United Auctions or the autumn calf sale at the Oban Livestock Centre in late October will often have large consignments of Luing, Sim-Luing and Luing cross cattle forward for sale.

Our website will keep you up to date with all the latest sales information.

Do you do any breed recording?
Yes. The Luing Society developed its own unique Dam Classificaiton System in 2004. This system involves a panel assessing the dams of potential stock bulls for various traits including locomotion, feet, udder and teats. For a bull to be approved for use in the pedigree herd book, its dam must have been assessed and have scored above the breed standard (5 out of 10). Recently the Society was awarded grant funding to investigate the potential development of this system and whether or not Estimated Breeding Values could be established to support it.Opens as a PDFClick here to read the report from SAC into that subject.

Do you know of any breeders with stock for sale direct?
Go to 'Stock for Sale' – this is the first stop shop for cattle currently for sale. If you can't find what you're looking for please ring the secretary, tel: 01250 873 882.