The Sim-Luing

Sim-LuingsThe pedigree Simmental/pedigree Luing cross is the Sim-Luing and the female has proved consistently that she is well suited to low ground suckler herds.

She is :

  • Thrifty
  • Hardy and a good forage converter
  • Has stayability – easy care and long living
  • Consistently good breeding performance
  • Good natured with strong maternal instinct
  • Bred to have a correct udder and good milking qualities
  • Good conformation
  • Leaves top quality calves giving her the ability to 'live off her back' when things get tough
  • Gives the advantage of hybrid vigour

The Sim-Luing breeding programme is actively promoted by both the Simmental and Luing Breed Societies. Sim-Luings must be registered with the Luing Cattle Society. Your registration document is your guarantee of authenticity. Sim-Luings born after January 2001 have pedigree certificates.

Official Sim-Luing Sales are advertised in the farming press. Private buyers should contact the Luing Cattle Society.